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Flash Fiction Online December 2016

RRP $18.99

This month's stories are all about change. For some, it is expected, for others not. Each character deals with it differently, some successfully, some not. But each story touches the heart and, hopefully, will make your next life change a little richer.First up, from Hannah Dela Cruz, an understated literary piece about a snowy day and Robert Redford-"A Box Full of Winter."From FFO Alum, a fantasy offering about the metaphysical manifestations of grief in Kelly Sandoval's "A Menagerie of Grief."Another FFO Alum, Kat Otis, offers us "Hinterlight Abby." A science fiction story, life aboard a generation ship pairs with belief in unexpected and unsettling ways. And, finally, this month's reprint selection, "Molten Heart," by yet another FFO Alum, Alexis A. Hunter. Get out your tissues. This science fiction tale of maternal love found in an unlikely place will touch even the stoniest hearts.Plus a new FXXK WRITING column by Jason S. Ridler. Fiction has always fought back.Just remember, if nothing ever changed there would be no butterflies.

Nonlinear Dynamics In Physiology

RRP $320.99

This book provides a compilation of mathematical-computational tools that are used to analyze experimental data. The techniques presented are those that have been most widely and successfully applied to the analysis of physiological systems, and address issues such as randomness, determinism, dimension, and nonlinearity. In addition to bringing together the most useful methods, sufficient mathematical background is provided to enable non-specialists to understand and apply the computational techniques. Thus, the material will be useful to life-science investigators on several levels, from physiologists to bioengineer.Initial chapters present background material on dynamic systems, statistics, and linear system analysis. Each computational technique is demonstrated with examples drawn from physiology, and several chapters present case studies from oculomotor control, neuroscience, cardiology, psychology, and epidemiology. Throughout the text, historical notes give a sense of the development of the field and provide a perspective on how the techniques were developed and where they might lead. The overall approach is based largely on the analysis of trajectories in the state space, with emphasis on time-delay reconstruction of state-space trajectories. The goal of the book is to enable readers to apply these methods to their own research.

Online Public Engagement

RRP $432.99

Online Public Engagement outlines the range of options, opportunities and the potential challenges of using online technologies to enhance and expand public engagement. The book orients urban and community planners, local government officials, economic development and other policy developers, who need to gather public involvement to guide strategic planning and program development.

Because online technologies are characterized by rapid change and swift evolution of specific platforms and methods, the book focuses on establishing a solid understanding of the strengths and limitations of online technologies, as well as an intellectual and practical basis for analyzing and selecting online options. Specific current technologies are used as examples and case studies, but are incorporated judiciously due to the frequently short shelf life of specific online platforms.

The book walks readers through the key steps to successfully implementing online public engagement tools:

  • issues that necessitate an online public engagement strategy

  • levels of public engagement

  • engagement planning and preparation

  • technical considerations

  • and case studies using a range of tools.

Local government and related professionals and officials are under increasing pressure to use online public engagement tools, due to budget cuts, popular demand for transparency and involvement, and increasing project complexity. The first of its kind,Online Public Engagement will give them an opportunity to more effectively evaluate their needs and potential for online public engagement, without being tied to a specific platform.

How To Start And Run A Successful Consulting Business

RRP $439.99

"The consulting industry is one of the fastest growing business sectors worldwide with new opportunities emerging continually in hundreds of different fields. Whatever your area of expertise--engineering or employee relations, computers or customer service--there's likely to be a demand for your consulting abilities." --Gregory Kishel and Patricia Kishel from the Preface<br> <br> Who needs consultants? The answer is simple: everyone does! Consultants are no longer viewed as a luxury. They've become a necessity in today's constantly evolving business environment. And, for millions of career changers, recent graduates, retirees, and former government employees, consulting is an excellent way to turn knowledge and experience into a profitable business.<br> <br> Now, two highly successful consultants provide you with a proven plan for entering and growing in this lucrative field. You'll get practical advice on what it takes to succeed as a consultant, where the real opportunities are, and the types of situations you are most likely to encounter. You'll learn all of the aspects of becoming an independent consultant, including how to choose a specific field and set up business, how to determine fees and market your services, how to get referrals and maintain good client relations, how to write winning proposals, what kinds of insurance you should have, how to win government contracts, how to enter foreign markets, and much, much more.<br> <br> Packed with step-by-step guidelines, forms, and checklists, this valuable guide is must reading for both working consultants and anyone interested in starting a consulting business.<br> <br> Written for anyone with ideas, information, or skills to sell, this valuable guide shows you how to make the most of your talents, putting them to work for yourself and your clients. Drawing on their own experiences as management consultants, Gregory Kishel and Patricia Kishel offer down-to-earth advice on what it takes to succeed as a consultant, where the opportunities are, and the types of situations you are likely to encounter. Step by step, you will learn all of the aspects of becoming an independent consultant, including: <br> * How to choose a specific field and set up a business <br> * How to determine fees and market your services <br> * How to get referrals and maintain good client relations <br> * What kinds of insurance you should have <br> * How to win government contracts, enter foreign markets, and much more<br> <br> <br> Whatever your area of specialization, this indispensable book will give you the information you need to build and maintain a profitable consulting business.

Online Business The 4 Major Method

RRP $13.99

Do you want to start an online business or side hustle? Having done this for the past years I could never understand: 1. How to Start (lost in the ocean) 2. Why so many online gurus advice is well, crud. Starting an online business should be easy. At least that's what we've all been told. Yet it's never as easy as the gurus' claim it's supposed to be. Most people aren't completely honest when money's involved, not were online business is concerned. They conveniently leave out some details or falsify results. What You Get From This Book This short read is a no rubbish introduction to online business. "Online Business The 4 Major Methods: How To Make $800 A Month And Avoid the Lies Told By Online Gurus" is your guide on positioning yourself right from the start to find success in online business. If you get the start wrong you waste precious time. Let's clear the air. Learn about: The 4 major methods of starting an online business. The cash potential of each method. How you are being lied to regarding each method. What you need to do to find success. How to decide what online business you're going to start (step-by-step). It's time to give this internet thing a real shot. Take action today and download 'Online Business The 4 Major Methods'.


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