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Secrets Of A Successful Online Psychic

RRP $12.99

A secret of a successful work from home psychic is truly intuitive work from home guide to creating abundance from your passion. In this book Daisy will teach you how she makes thousands of dollars monthly while living a relaxed and truly abundant life, while working on her own schedule. She will answer Questions like: WHERE DO I GET CLEINTS? And WHAT IS YOUR SECRET TO SUCCESS? Before you finish you will have the very best Home Based business as a psychic. Learn the many different branches of the psychic world as a multi-million dollar industry, all within the short pages of this in depth Home business guide. *** Connect with people across the world. ***Social events, parties, you can be the next Theresa Caputo. ***Open the most successful etsy shop. ***Create spells and sell them through your social media pages. ***Work through online psychic sites. ***Open your very own psychic shop (from home). ***Sell through psychic fairs, festivals, and events. ***Psychic home shows. ***Benefits from working as an online psychic. ***Building your abundance to over $5,000 a month. ***Simple strategies and the secret formula. ***Other psychic's success stories. ***Creating a passive income from your hobbies. ***Messages from the angels and Fairies. ***Where to buy the best tools and what are the best tools to start your psychic online business. ***psychic and money ***how to create a spiritual altar (also links to videos) Daisy has the experience of many years, strategies and endless researched knowledge in this easy to read Guide. This work from home guide will illustrate the different methods you can spread your hidden talents and embrace the world one successful potential client (online friend) at a time. If you want to double or even triple your income as a psychic then pick up Daisy Fabelo's book on the Secrets of a successful psychic. With simple methods, ideas, and creativity you too can become the best of the best. Once you take this insightful knowledge and incorporate the secrets into your own psychic business the possibilities are endless. What are you waiting for your prosperous, abundant lifestyle awaits. As a special bonus a "How to Manifest Money" VIDEO link is included with spells, affirmations, and spiritual technique to creating your abundantly flowing lifestyle. Lastly: a special chapter on the "Secret Formula" to your work from home psychic success....the secrets of incorporating "THE LAW of ATTRACTION" into your online psychic business. Online links to work from home psychic jobs..... This little work from home guide will enhance your creativity to online income "FREEDOM"....All while supporting family values, JOY and on YOUR ON Schedule , setting those hours will create vacation escapes that as a GREAT PSYCHIC you DESERVE. Go on and "Buy Now" with just one click (upper left hand corner) and START CREATING YOUR ABUNDANT LIFESTYLE NOW. As a THANK YOU Bonus Daisy gives you access to her FREE Success Videos. All within this very work from home guide. Show less

Make Money Online

RRP $18.99

Want To Try Something New? Want To Build A Better Life? Then Keep Reading! Fed Up Of The 9-5? The Average Salary? This book is a guide through several online and offline strategies to help you start your new career as an online entrepreneur. You will learn why and how sites such as Amazon and Ebay make so many people so much money! The tricks to freelancing your skills and how other offline resources can be used to help build your online career. Give this book a try! What have you got to lose?

Online Business The 4 Major Method

RRP $13.99

Do you want to start an online business or side hustle? Having done this for the past years I could never understand: 1. How to Start (lost in the ocean) 2. Why so many online gurus advice is well, crud. Starting an online business should be easy. At least that's what we've all been told. Yet it's never as easy as the gurus' claim it's supposed to be. Most people aren't completely honest when money's involved, not were online business is concerned. They conveniently leave out some details or falsify results. What You Get From This Book This short read is a no rubbish introduction to online business. "Online Business The 4 Major Methods: How To Make $800 A Month And Avoid the Lies Told By Online Gurus" is your guide on positioning yourself right from the start to find success in online business. If you get the start wrong you waste precious time. Let's clear the air. Learn about: The 4 major methods of starting an online business. The cash potential of each method. How you are being lied to regarding each method. What you need to do to find success. How to decide what online business you're going to start (step-by-step). It's time to give this internet thing a real shot. Take action today and download 'Online Business The 4 Major Methods'.

Make Money With Your Fiction

RRP $16.99

Writing a book is not as easy as one would think, but learning how to make money from your work doesn't have to be equally difficult. Follow this how to guide for making money with your fiction by K.C Baylor, a best-selling author under her pen name K.C Blaze. She tells you little tips and tricks that she's learned to put her books in the top 100 of Amazon's Best Sellers list for almost a year straight. Everything she shares are things she herself has tried. Making money with your fiction can be done with a bit of persistence, know-how and the will to want to create a financially freeing stream of income. Now you can make money from home doing what you love. It all starts with a thought and a story you've already created. Let's get Started!

Online Public Engagement

RRP $432.99

Online Public Engagement outlines the range of options, opportunities and the potential challenges of using online technologies to enhance and expand public engagement. The book orients urban and community planners, local government officials, economic development and other policy developers, who need to gather public involvement to guide strategic planning and program development.

Because online technologies are characterized by rapid change and swift evolution of specific platforms and methods, the book focuses on establishing a solid understanding of the strengths and limitations of online technologies, as well as an intellectual and practical basis for analyzing and selecting online options. Specific current technologies are used as examples and case studies, but are incorporated judiciously due to the frequently short shelf life of specific online platforms.

The book walks readers through the key steps to successfully implementing online public engagement tools:

  • issues that necessitate an online public engagement strategy

  • levels of public engagement

  • engagement planning and preparation

  • technical considerations

  • and case studies using a range of tools.

Local government and related professionals and officials are under increasing pressure to use online public engagement tools, due to budget cuts, popular demand for transparency and involvement, and increasing project complexity. The first of its kind,Online Public Engagement will give them an opportunity to more effectively evaluate their needs and potential for online public engagement, without being tied to a specific platform.


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